Thanks for looking!

Hi all.  I’m just going to use this space to occasionally show you what I’m working on.  maybe share some stuff my family is doing, that sort of thing.

Here are two pieces I just did for HiLines magazine, to be published next month.  These were a stretch for me, as I’m used to people but not so much objects.  I used Painter and Photoshop, as always these days.  They came out okay, I think.


11 Responses to “Thanks for looking!”

  1. Jacqueline Lincoln-Owyang says:

    Thankfully on the digital creative front you are wise enough to use Photoshop!:-) hopefully, with a good machine config & tablet set-up.

  2. nancy says:

    Still a talented, artistic guy! I will enjoy looking at your art.Still have a card or 2 that you did in the 70’s!

  3. David Parks says:

    Very good. Great to see your hand at work. Always great stuff..

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