Digital Artwork

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3 Responses to “Digital Artwork”

  1. Kenny Linker says:


    “As an example”… How much would you charge / how many man hours does it take to produce the upper left image of the sax player (Coleman Hawkins ?)

    We may have the occasional use for artwork like yours at my work !


  2. Kevin Cline says:

    I havn’t seen any of your work in years! you’re the guy who used to do illustrations for that newspaper in Spokane, aren’t you? I have never had anything but good things to say about the art you do. I enjoyed the long, stretched nose bridges you were doing back then. it must have been about ten years or so since you’ve moved on.
    My name is Kevin, I’m an independent movie director and artist.
    it’s good to find your little space here. I’ll book mark it, so I can go through all of it.



  3. admin says:

    Wow Kevin, good memory. I did my best work in Spokane, so it’s really nice and kindof astonishing to me to be remembered for it. If you’re on Facebook, send a friend request. I don’t always see my website comments. Thanks again for the kind words.